Niche Parent

This Princess is heading to Niche Parent!!!!!

Niche Parent

I was on face book one day and saw that Niche Parent was accepting applications for volunteers so I thought to myself why not apply. I mean after all there are only two responses that I could receive: yes or no. Imagine how excited I was to receive an email confirming that I was chosen as one of the volunteers. I was extremely excited. I still recall looking at the previous years photos and saying to myself that I’m going to add this conference to my vision board. My goal for 2014 was to be blessed with attending a few blogging conferences so that I could learn from the pioneers in the game. I am looking forward to my trip to Florida and a mini vacation without the kids. Yes I said it! My kids are travel warriors and travel all over but I don’t want them to miss school. Plus my little ones live for perfect attendance.



Are you going to join me at Niche Parent? Now before you get on the defense, NO you do not have to be a parent. The Niche Parent Conference is open to everyone. In fact many of the attendees are not just parents or bloggers but Social Media Mavens like myself. I just happen to fit in all of the categories. Yes I wear all of those hats. The reputation of the conference draws individuals to attend and I AM ONE OF THEM!  Who knows perhaps you will see me make an appearance during the conference at Princess Tiana. Stay on the lookout!

I would love to hear your thoughts!