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Real Talk Friday: Relationships (1/22/16)

This week I took time to reflect on myself. Time to meditate on what I want in a relationship. You see I have been married before and as I reflected on my past relationships I realized at somewhere along the line I forgot about Turkesha. I took hurts from one relationship or situation and carried it over into another. My meditation on what transpired in my past relationship lead me to post my present status on Facebook (See Below):

Real Talk Friday: It’s imperative that you release all hurts, wrongs & feelings from past relationships and/or situations. Once you give it over to God its no longer a concern of yours. Ask God to guide your footsteps for your future and watch his wonders. I’m excited about my future and the wonders that he has in store for me.
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It took me a few years to learn what Turkesha wanted. I had to give all of my old hurts over to God and learn that once I gave it to him all was well! I am blessed to have the years that I had to simply reflect on what I want out of a relationship and now I can openly accept the relationship that God has in store for me.