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My Baby Boy Graduated From The 5th Grade

And Attended His First Middle School Party All In One Week! Where has the time gone? It was just yesterday that I was changing your diapers and flying all over the world with you in my arms. This week I was bless to witness my last baby boy graduate from 5th Grade which means I’m officially a parent of a …

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Thoughts of The Heart

 Thoughts of The Heart     The stage has already been set. The atmosphere anointed by God as I make my confessions known to Jesus. Now it’s time for me to sit back and allow the Holy Spirit to manifest. If God has already shown you that I AM the one than it’s not my responsibility to make myself the …

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Should A Woman Pursue A Relationship With A Man?

Why Should The Woman Make The First Move?   Hey Ladies! Its Relationship Wednesday or at least today it is….so let’s have a discussion. A few weeks ago my BFF and I were having a candid discussion about relationships. This was no different conversation then the ones that we normally have when it comes to relationships. In our case we are …

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2016, A New Year & New Me!

My 2015 was simply amazing! I had so many opportunities to take my brand to different levels and during the process I was bless to make lifetime connections. In 2015 I dedicated more time to building Naturalbabydol, Traveling with Clients & Family, Attending Conferences to assist in by building a solid foundation and establishing my Yoga Brand. As a Blogger …

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Real Talk Friday: Relationships (1/22/16)

This week I took time to reflect on myself. Time to meditate on what I want in a relationship. You see I have been married before and as I reflected on my past relationships I realized at somewhere along the line I forgot about Turkesha. I took hurts from one relationship or situation and carried it over into another. My meditation on …

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