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The Richmond International Film Festival

Richmond International Film Festival

This years international film festival was definitely an interesting one.  Hundreds of people lined up Cary Street to buy tickets despite the rain, snow, and hail.  And I’m happy to say that I was one of them.

I attended the Richmond International Film Festival (RIFF) for the first time this year. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the Swedish spotlight film had me laughing from beginning to end.  RIFF 2015 featured 120 films from 50 different countries.  Films covered topics such as environmental, cultural, and political issues.

The film festival was held at three different theaters, including the historic Byrd Theater in downtown Richmond.  I seriously love the Byrd, the architecture and the atmosphere is simply amazing and if you’re visiting Richmond, VA, the Byrd Theater is definitely a place you need to go see!  Plus, regular features at the Byrd are only $2!

100-year-old man

At RIFF, I saw the  100-year-old man who jumped out the window and disappeared.  Just from the title, you know you are in for a treat!  This fast-paced movie followed the life of Allan Karlsson who lived through one of the most interesting times in history.  In the movie, Allan shook hands with Roosevelt and Truman, helped build the empire state building, took part in the Manhattan project, fought in WWII, and escaped from a Nazi concentration camp.

After this exciting life, he was put in to a nursing home because of his old age.  On his 100th birthday, he escapes and manages to steal millions of dollars from a smuggler.  To find out if he manages to escape with the money, you’re going to have to see the film.

Before I give away any more spoilers, I’m going to end here.  If you’re looking for a comedic movie to watch this weekend, I highly recommend you look in to this one.


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