"Samsung Galaxy Note 7" "Best Buy" "Blogher"

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Available @BestBuy #GalaxyNote7

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The Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recently showcased at the Blogher16 Conference and OMG it was indeed a treat!The technology was next to none and is sure to be one of the most sort out gadget of 2016. The new Galaxy Note 7 has so many features and tricks I honestly have no idea where to even start!

For example imagine that its shampoo day and you must listen to your favorite tunes on Pandora and all of a sudden your Note 7 falls into the water! No worries because guess what? The Galaxy Note 7 is water-resistant in up to 5 feet of water for half an hour. Cool Right? Its like the perfect date for a day at the beach.

"Samsung Galaxy Note 7" "Best Buy" "Blogher"

Here are some of the Note 7 cool features:

  • Iris Security Scanner ( It makes it impossible for anyone to unlock your phone except the owner)
  • The S Pen can now draw, write, edit and record Turn Videos into a GIF (Perfecto for Influencers)
  • The Camera has the ability to take super sharp photos and videos with an auto focus ability that allows 95% more light than previous models (A Plus for Influencers who are always on the Go)
  • Add a micro SD card to re-up your storage abilities (Every Influencer Needs One)

The camera would definitely be a key component for my work. The Galaxy Note 7 improved camera as an 12MP Dual Pixel Sensor which allows the camera to basically capture both pictures and videos in motion so you can capture those precious moments with your family and friends. What’s even better is that it works day or night! Totally Cool Right?

Why would you chose any other phone except the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which is available NOW at Best Buy. Why should you pay 50% more on your cell phone bill? Head to your local Best Buy and see how they can help keep your bill affordable.