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Saving Money With #GrouponCoupons

Looking For Additional Saving With Free Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.


Every since I can remember I have always had a love for saving money with clipped coupons. That was way before the technology driven society that we now live in. I would grab a few newspapers for comparison shopping or mailed in rebates to save a few dollars. I can recall shopping with my parents and they were never concerned with using coupons or saving a few dollars but being the young entrepreneur  that I was I saw a way for me to make money. I would tell my parents if I can save you money while shopping can I have the saving and believe it or not that was probably my first business. Fast-Forward to Today and I am still that make a dollar out of fifteen cents girl. I just now in my adult life save more dollars than when I was younger.

As an avid Groupon buyer I was extremely excited when I received an email stating that I would now get Groupon Coupons.


I love to save money! Whether it’s stocking up on sale items, getting a discount or using coupons, saving money helps all the time. I’ve recently become more of a coupon user as I’ve seen how much money I can actually save on the everyday items we buy. Groupon Coupons is one of those places we check out before traveling or going shopping. 

Just imagine with Groupons Coupons, a great way to save additional money. I was amazed that the offers for the coupons allowed me to shop and save money on tons of my favorite retailers. This is just an addition to my past great experiences with Groupon. In fact the kids and I have taken a few traveling trips using Groupon. They have amazing deals! Plus with Father’s Day approaching its the perfect time to take advantage of these amazing coupons and you don’t have to worry about any additional cost or membership fees….IT’S FREE!!

Check out a few places that you can get a great deal for the family, yourself and for Father’s Day:

  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Dell
  • Eastbay
  • Great Value Vacations
  • JCPenney
  • Kohl’s
  • Macy’s
  • Puma
  • Sprint
  • Travelocity

My family and I have taken advantage of both Puma for shoe savings and Travelocity for a few of our last minute family getaways. I have actually saved 30-40% off on flights  and up to 25% on hotel stays for my family and when you’re traveling with three kids it’s definitely a great savings. I’m not a sneaker addict like I am with my stilettos but I find that I often need a great pair of sneakers for when I am working out or traveling with the kids. I have taken advantage of some exceptional coupons from Groupon Coupon.

As you make your Summer Plans for traveling and search the web for amazing deals on Summer Apparel, take a few minutes to head over and take advantage of the Groupons Coupons.

Have you already used Groupon Coupon? What are some of your favorite Groupon Coupons?