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Sistahs Do Brunch- We Rock Edition


On yesterday I had the pleasure of attending  a Sistah’s Do Brunch event. The event is hosted by the CEO, Stacey Taylor who many of you may know by her handle The Sistah Chick who is also the Creator of The Sistah Café Blog. Stacey host bi-monthly brunch events where she creates an intimate yet informal atmosphere for like-minded, go-getters and entrepreneur’s an opportunity to come together for a few hours, share their experiences and network with one another. This was my first time attending so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Upon arrival I was greeted by all of the wonderful ladies and the festivities begun.

Naturalbabydol & The Sistah Chick

Sistahs Do Brunch

We each went around the table and introduced ourselves to break the silence and get to know one another. What I found exciting during the introductions is that we all had a unique story and we were all women living our dreams without any regrets. Although we all had propelling stories we all were alike in one way: Women entrepreneurs determined to build our own legacy while making our impression in the world. This brunch was prerequisite to todays We Rock Conference. Click here to learn more about WE ROCK. The brunch was held at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and the food was absolutely divine.

Sistahs Do Brunch

Sistahs Do Brunch

The brunch continued with amazing conversations, empowerment and a lifelong friendship that only women entrepreneur’s can build with one another. I went to the brunch with an idea and left with the inspiration from everyone to set the wheels in motion for taking my social media business to the next level in 2015. Thank you Stacey for the invitation. If you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring to take that leap on faith like we all did  to start your own business or just looking for a network of women to call upon please make sure that you sign up for the next Sistah’s Do Brunch.  Are you living your dreams?



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