Krispy Kreme

My Sweet Drug Addiction! I need Rehab!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are like Sugar Crack

Is it me or does the HOT Krispy Kreme sign grabs your attention at the weirdest times? Perhaps its just me but every time I pass Krispy Kreme which jus happens to be a county over from where I live I am constantly looking to see if the HOT sign is lit up. I promise you that for the last three weeks I have been stalking Krispy Kreme every time that I am in the area because I wanted to surprise my mom with some fresh hot doughnuts while she was up visiting and because my inner fat girl was craving that hot, sweet melt in your mouth moment that I experience every time I can get my hands on them. The thing is I am not the only person who has this Sweet Drug Addiction, in face Globally billions and billions of people have the same problem I have and perhaps we all need Rehab. LOL So who can honestly say that they don’t make a U-Turn when they see this? Krispy Kreme I do! I was on my way home the other night from an event and I immediately noticed the HOT NOW sign. Yes my heart started beating and my stomach started doing a praise dance because it was on and popping. We had been stalking this sign for weeks and it was finally lit up! I quickly pulled in the parking lot and parked my SUV.

Krispy KremeI patiently waited for the dough to roll off the machine in to the fryer. Oh how I love to watch the process.

Krispy Kreme DoughnutsHere comes that sweet addition part! See how he’s making sure that every HOT doughnut is completely covered with that delicious glaze. Oh Boy my stomach was doing triple praise dances. Yes I need doughnut rehab!

Krispy KremeAs these doughnuts rolled off the conveyor belt I am pretty sure that they knew that tonight was their lucky night. They were going home with Momma! Once the associate gathered my dozen I was set to gobble them down. But first I snapped a picture of them because they were so pretty.

Krispy KremeTake a good look because in a matter of minutes my stomach consumed a few. Does anyone know why they are so addictive? What’s your Sweet Drug? What delicious treat are you addicted to?


~Turkesha McIvy




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