Six Flags White Water VIP Media Day

White Water Wahoo Racer Attraction Officially Opens

Are you ready to beat the Summer Heat? This past weekend the kids and I  went on a mini travel adventure to Six Flags White Water. The water park is indeed a drive from us to we’re counting it as one of our travel adventures. We were invited out to an Exclusive VIP & Media Day where we had the opportunity to be among the first to take a spin on their all new Wahoo Racer.
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We learned that the Wahoo Racer is the largest slide of its kind in the world and stands 60 feet tall and features six side-by-side lanes. We have definitely experienced our fair share of water parks but no compared to this attraction. Needless to say the kids were super excited to be amongst the first to ride this new and amazing attraction at Six Flags White Water.
"Wahoo Racer" "Six Flgas White Water" "White Water" "Explore GA" "Travel" "Naturalbabydol"
Isn’t it a Beauty? Guess what? The Wahoo Racer is now officially open. Are you a dare devil or thrill seeker? The Wahoo Racer is a lying head-first, stomach-down aero-dynamically designed water toboggan and you’ll be pushed off down its snake like course where you will enjoy racing your friends in this water driven competition. My kids told me that the curves were not only exciting but it sort of felt a little bumpy but it was the best time of their life. It’s said that the race speeds up to 40 feet per second and surprising my youngest joined his brother and cousin for a little racing fun.
"Wahoo Racer" "Six Flgas White Water" "White Water" "Explore GA" "Travel" "Naturalbabydol"
 We had an amazing time enjoying all of the amazing attractions that Six Flags White Water has to offer. If you’re looking for a great place to cool down or a pit stop while on a road trip make sure that you check out White Water. You can follow our adventures on Instagram or Twitter. Stay tuned for our next adventure!