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Hey Dolls! I’m back with another super cute vintage style post. I recently found this super cute green 1950’s swing tea dress that I thought was the perfect shade of green for the season. I wasn’t sure that I would like this dress because I ordered it from a company that I had never purchased anything from before this little cutie. I guess you can say I’m one of those girls who simply loves dresses and playing dress up in super cute pieces.

Southern Belle

The dress was perfect for Sunday Morning during the “LOVE MONTH”. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wear it with a statement piece or not so I decided to pair it with a vintage circular pea coat with a top collar button in a fuchsia color with a pair of matching shoes that I purchased a while ago. Who knew that these cuties would one day come in hand. When I styled the outfit for Sunday Morning Worship I decided that keeping the jacket on the with the dress gave it more of a vintage 1950’s style.

Southern Belle

I wasn’t impressed with material of the dress and although it isn’t flimsy it simple was’t quite the grade that I prefer in my vintage dresses. None the less in my opinion the dress was perfect for the occasion and I would definitely keep them in mind for future purchases for ACEVOG this upcoming Spring and Summer.

Southern Belle


Jacket: Grace Elements

Shoes: Her Style

Photo Credit: Sam Jones

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