Hey Dolls! I can’t believe that we’re already in the middle of August already. The past couple of weeks have been amazing and hard at the same time. It’s hard at times to just step out on faith and leave the rest up to God. Trust me I totally get it. I’ve been there, done that and guess what? I’m right back there again. It took my over eight months to finally get up the nerve to just walk away, trust and lean on God and allow him to guide my way. You see Turkesha always counts on Turkesha. I count on God but when it begins to feels like he’s taking too long then Turkesha with her smart intelligent self always comes up with some logic on how and why to do a certain thing. I’ve been blessed to have a few really amazing friends in my circle who often times tell me over and over to wait but I many times ignore their gestures and try to do it myself. There’s a phrase that my grandmother use to say “JUST TRY JESUS”. 

Stepping out in faith sounds easy, but it in reality it means that you must be willing and open to leave your comfort zone and face some of your deepest fears of the unknown. For me in particular I have an issue with having full control. Stepping out on Faith means that I no longer have control and it all belongs to God. Sometimes God will cause us to sit still while he makes the next move of faith on our behalf. This is where your trust comes into play. Will you stand still and allow God to have his perfect will and way? Faith is the substance of things hopeful and evidence of things not seen. 

I thank God that I’m in my right mind and that I can hear God’s voice and follow his lead. I look forward to what God has in store for me in this next season but until that moment comes I will stand still and wait on God. This is my SEASON to LEAP!