A victim is a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action. Listen you can’t be the assailant and the victim‼️ This past week I have encountered so many people with a plethora of issues and concerns about things that have been transpiring in their lives or to them. The question dawned on me. Are you truly the victim or the assailant. There are far too many assailants playing the victim role. Like serious accept your consequences. My grandmother always said “Tell the truth, shame the Devil”. It’s funny because here we are in 2019 and that simple doesn’t apply! Folks forget that they are the sole cause of their own misery.

Like seriously! If you did the crime then joker you must do the time. STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM! Trust me everyone isn’t trying to attack you! Like seriously almost all of the mess that is created is created by the assailant. The past weeks I have witnessed so many assailants creating situations that could have been unavoidable and when the poop hits the fan then they want to call in reenforcement’s and take on the role of a victim. It’s freaking crazy! Honestly if people would just stay in their lane and stop doing stupid stuff then there would be no need to concerned with who is being messy or sharing your truth. It’s just time that we all learn to take full responsibility of our actions and be adult enough to accept the consequences.