Super Bowl -Doritos Nachos

Hey Dolls! I can honestly say that I am totally not a girl who loves sports. At least I can’t sit for hours watching them like my sister and best friend can and guess what? I am totally ok with not being that girl but what a Sista can do is grab an apron and whip up a few delicious desserts and a host of snacks for my guess or in many cases my three sons. Have you been looking for a quick snack for the kids, family gathering or for a Super Bowl party? Listen! I have a super easy yet delicious snack for you to prepare for your family and friends. It’s fool-proof! I have been making this super quick snack for my kids camping trips, sleep overs and sports events for years. It’s always a favorite for everyone and I’m sure that it will become one for your family as well. The best part about it is that this snack probably one of the easiest you will ever make and its easy to remember. Did I mention that you only need three ingredients? Plus you can make a huge helping for a large group for under $20. Although I’m sharing this one with you I can assure that over the years I have added different ingredients to create unique over variations but this particular one seems to be THE KIDS CHOICE! Guess what you can literally whip this up in less than fifteen minutes.



  • A pound of Ground Beef
  • A Jar of Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso
  • Any Flavor Doritos ( I love the Spicy Sweet Chili)



"Doritos" "Quick Snack" "Game Time" "Naturalbabydol" "Nachos" Doritos Quick Snack"


  1. Cook ground beef until it is brown and drain.
  2. Add Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso the allow to simmer.
  3. Pour over Dorito chips or place in a bowl for a dip.


"Doritos" "Quick Snack" "Game Time" "Naturalbabydol" "Nachos" Doritos Quick Snack"


"Doritos" "Quick Snack" "Game Time" "Naturalbabydol" "Nachos" Doritos Quick Snack"



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