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Single Girl Weekend – Halo Top & Netflix

Single Girl Weekend Survival – Halo Top & Netflix, The Perfect Combination

**I was provided complimentary samples of Halo Top to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.**

What’s a single girl to do on a beautiful weekend after running the streets with the kids and recovering from a week in Canada? I have the perfect solution. Why not grab a pint or two (maybe three) of Halo Top, turn on Netflix and have an amazing time chilling with a great ice cream and your favorite movies. Sounds like a fabulous weekend plan to me.

Let’s face it whenever a girl mentions ice cream and Netflix that can be mean a comfortable evening snuggled up on the bed or sofa indulging in high calorie ice cream and sugary toppings. Well in many cases but I am happy to say that with Halo Top Creamery you have the luxury of enjoying a delicious ice cream in flavors: Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon Cake and their newest varieties, Mint Chip, Chocolate Mocha Chip and Birthday Cake. Yummers Right? Guess what? Not only is it delicious but its only 60-80 calories per serving (240-280 per pint). Trust me the kids will even enjoy this frozen yummy treat!


As my family and I continue our journey to healthy eating we’re always open for a delicious treat. I’m so glad that Halo Top is 100% organic and filled with six grams of protein and only four gram of fiber per serving which equals “GUILT FREE” in my book.  Any Who! This weekend was full of running around with the kids which is a direct result from them being on very strict guidelines for the last week since they are taking major test in school so they’ve been on lock down at home. I decided to take them out on Saturday and upon returning home it was time for mommy to chill out with a pint (Yes a pint) of Strawberry Halo Top in her comfortable King Size bed while enjoying countless hours of enjoyment of Netflix movies.

The great thing is that you can find Halo Top at your local Whole Foods, Kroger, Hy Vee and Smiths to name a few. If these stores are not in your area then click here to find out where you can buy Halo Top.


Which flavor is your favorite?