Mood 13 Magazine

Swifties will “Die Dead!” “It’s like Martha Stewart made a project magazine for Swifties!” “Wow I’m living for this aesthetic!”

“If this is all artsy and craftsy and decorative… I’m in trouble and so is my classroom!”

Mood 13 Magazine is excited to announce the much-anticipated release of their Spring April and May 2020 issues, which will become available Sunday, May 24, for a seven-day free trial. The full subscription price is
$2.99 USD per month and will be available for download in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

If the Easter eggs on social media haven’t created enough buzz, a special giveaway of the Lover sign and Official Taylor Swift merch will begin on launch day will be sure to win the hearts of every Swiftie fan out there.

About Mood 13 Magazine

Mood 13 Magazine is the brainchild of Editor-in-Chief, Christa Thompson, a Swiftie mom with a knack for DIY projects and hosting themed parties without overlooking a single detail as well as possessing a keen eye for
interior design. It is a fun and engaging combination of crafting, entertaining, and home decor that has the sophistication of a traditional DIY magazine with the vibrant aesthetic of all things Taylor Swift. This is a
magazine for Swifties by Swifties that includes project ideas that are themed around Taylor’s music, lyrics, videos, quotes, and general interests/pursuits. This passionate female-owned company is currently wrapping up production on their third issue which will be available June 1, 2020, and has a focus on Pride month which, of course, means “You Need to Calm Down.”


The mission of Mood 13 Magazine is to inspire creativity and mindfulness that promotes balance, well being, female empowerment, equality and women’s rights while offering support to the initiatives, accolades and
narratives of the Taylor Swift brand, A.KA. Taylor Swift. We aim to uphold these ideals by hiring artists, writers and professionals who support the same values, through social awareness, editorial content and charity. Our
greatest mission is to donate to like-minded organizations (e.g., GLAAD, RAINN, Ultra Violet, American Humane Assoc., Alley Cat Allies and the American Cancer Society) while giving back to the community through
random acts of kindness.


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