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Top 10 Tips To Rock Out Like A Rock Star At Mardi Gras & Enjoy King Cake Coffee

The count down begins for the 2016 Mardi Gras Celebration in New Orleans. As you may know the origins of Mardi Gras in Nola can be traced back as far as medieval Europe. passing through Rome and Venice to evolve into the ornately costumed-costumed festivities seen there during the annual celebration. I had the opportunity to experience their tradition and madness first hand a few years ago. Although I won’t be making the trip on this year I would like to share 10 things that you should know about the holiday and how to ROCK OUT like a TRUE NOLA RESIDENT:

 It’s time to put your revelry shoes on and celebrate. The origins of Mardi Gras in New Orleans can be traced to medieval Europe, passing through Rome and Venice to evolve into the ornately costumed-costumed festivities we see today. There’s a lot of tradition and heritage that have helped to produce the Mardi Gras scene as it’s currently celebrated. So here are our top ten good things to know to enjoy Mardi Gras like a native.

"Mardi Gras" "New Orleans" "Community Coffee"

Number 10 How to spell “krewe” and “flambeaux” and “Mardi Gras” and, well, you get the point.

Number 9 Technically, Carnivale is a season, and Mardi Gras is a day. But we tend to generalize and refer to the weeks of parades leading up to Fat Tuesday as Mardi Gras.

Number 8 The Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold. Remember to coordinate your outfit appropriately.

Number 7 The Captain of the Krewe is more important than the King. But the King gets all the glory, while the Captain does all the work.

Number 6 If you miss a doubloon thrown from a float, never reach down to pick it up. Always put your foot on it. If you go with your hand, you’re either too late or you’ll get your fingers stepped on.

Number 5 If you bite into a plastic baby in a King Cake, that’s a good thing.

Number 4 Any beads shorter than two feet long are unacceptable unless they are made of glass — the bigger and longer the beads, the better.

Number 3 Once any beads have touched the ground, they are sullied and should not be picked up unless under the rarest of circumstances.

Number 2 The vast majority of people in the French Quarter during Carnivale are from out of town.

Number 1 The Number 1 thing you must know about Mardi Gras season is that Community© Mardi Gras King Cake coffee hits the shelves. We suggest you celebrate with the “king” of all flavored coffees, our delicious Mardi Gras King Cake coffee with light vanilla and cinnamon flavoring.

"community coffee" "mardi gras" "new orleans"

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