The Juicy Crab Smyrna


Hey Darlings! First I’m excited to announce that I AM a Juicy Crab Ambassador! How did they know that I love seafood so much? So guess what? I’m back with another Juicy Crab feature. So on yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a different location. The Juicy Crab in Smyrna celebrated their 2 Year Anniversary. This was definitely a celebration that I wasn’t going to miss so I traveled across the crazy highways to join in on the celebration and enjoy some amazing food too.

Travel Food

The festivities started around 2PM with an amazing DJ, great food, drink and food specials, a wheel game and of course prizes. Every person who had a receipt was able to participate in the games and trust me the Juicy Crab Team was amazing. 

Anniversary Celebration

Wheel of Prizes

I’m no stranger to Juicy Crab because I’ve visited a few others in the Atlanta area. Click here to read about my previous experience. The moment that I arrived I was greeted with the coolest Juicy Crab Team that I have ever met from my many adventures with them.

Chyna - Juicy Crab

My servers name as Chyna (pictured above) and she was a sweetheart. She was so attentive and patient. It took me a while to tell her my order because once I received my hush puppies and Boom Boom sauce I was creating InstaStories and taking a thousand images. 

The Juicy Crab Smyrna

I’ve been wanting to try the steamed oysters for a while but never found anyone that could provide their thoughts until I met Chyna. She suggested the seasons and let me tell you they were so delicious. I only ordered six but the next time I will indeed order the larger portion. I’ve always loved oysters and these were indeed cooked and seasoned to perfection. 

The Juicy Crab Smyrna

The boil shrimp and steamed snow crabs were calling my name and although I tried so hard tried to resist the battle was lost and I had my favorite. I simply can’t get enough of the Juicy Seasoning and garlic butter. Plus you can never go wrong with shrimp and crab. Have you tried Juicy Crab? What was your favorite?

The Juicy Crab Smyrna

The Juicy Crab Smyrna

Stay Tuned for my next adventure!