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Happy Travel Tip Tuesday! If you are an avid traveler like myself than you know the hassles of ensuring that you only carry 3oz of all of your favorite items that you know that you will need on your trip or you’re feed up with your luggage being lost or your favorite cosmetics mysteriously taken out of your checked luggage. I still haven’t gotten over my MAC Cosmetics being taken out of my luggage on a long trip to England. So I have a great option for you to use. Have you found when your cleaning up or after an Expo that you have a trillion samples laying around and your don’t know what to do with them? We’ll I started utilizing all of my samples for traveling about three years ago. Just imagine how much you save by using samples that you already have laying around your home. Curious of the amount well I actually calculated and discovered that I actually saved over $400 by using samples that I received from expos, sampling opportunities, subscriptions to beauty boxes and by simply asking my favorite cosmetics and perfume counters for samples with every purchase.  Since I have natural hair and my sister and I attends a host of Natural Hair Shows I utilized all of these samples to use when I am away traveling and it eliminates me having to purchase products. I recently visited a Colgate booth at the Auburn Festival and received a sample of men’s body wash that is perfect for my sons to use and a sample of dish washing liquid which is perfect for when I stay in hotels furnished with kitchens.


I have learned that unless it an overnight business trip that is the only time that I will travel with my expensive cosmetics the ones that I will have a fit over if they are missing once I get to my destination. I have a subscription to Ipsy which is $10/month and each month you receive a cute Glam makeup bag filled with four to five items that range from .05 ounces to 3 ounces which is perfect for travel. Plus this is the perfect time to try out all of those eye shadows, lip sticks and eye liners and fab colors and lets not forget the nail polishes, hair sprays and oils. I know for me when I am traveling I try out of the items that I have received including the samples that I have from my favorite cosmetics and perfume counters.


I also found that these cute little Glam bags that I have received from Ipsy are the best for travel. Plus they come in cute colors that can also be used as small purses to carry your identification and money inside.


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See you all next Tuesday for more tips. Safe Travels!


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