World of Coca Cola Blogger Summer Kickoff

World of Coca-Cola Blogger Summer Kickoff

**My family and I were invited out to the World of Coca-Cola Blogger Summer Kickoff to view new features and attractions**


Summer Vacation is upon us and with this season comes lot of travel adventures for my kids and I. What better way to Kickoff the Summer than with our first traveling adventure to the World of Coca-Cola Blogger Summer Kickoff. The moment the kids began to get dressed they patiently awaited to see what our destination had in store. I thought that it would be a great idea to provide small hints leading up to our trip and the look in their eyes when we finally arrived at our destination was priceless. Upon arrival we were greeted, provided our credentials, escorted to the entrance and taught how to use their new iphone app that does some of greatest things that I have ever seen in an app. The beginning of your visit starts with a guided tour educating you on Coca-Cola’s history. Then we are guided into a theater. I have visited the World of Coca-Cola before and the purpose of this invite was to share new attractions and features and I was both wowed and moved by the new “Moments of Happiness” short movie that has been added to the attraction. I was with my 7 and 11 year old and we were all moved by the “Moments of Happiness” which in my opinion is amazing. Once the movie was over we were on our own to visit all of the wonderful attractions. So here is where the iphone app truly comes in handy. The app aids you in doing some fantastic things while visiting the attractions like:

  • Get general information about each attraction
  • There’s an interactive map that tells you your location in the attraction so there is no need to get lost and this is helpful with keeping up with your spouse or older kids if you decide to visit different attractions because it helps you all meet up at one location
  • Create custom photos of yourself, family and friends with really cool frames and effects
  • Connect instantly to all social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Discover cool fun and educational facts about Coca Cola
  • The ability to maintain a journal of all of your favorite Coca Cola drinks from all over the world

The app is available on iTunes

The newest attraction to the World of Coca Cola is the Howard Finster: Visions of Coca-Cola s on display in the Pop Culture Gallery. Finster incorporated images and legends about Coca-Cola and the contour bottle into his art since the 1970s.  His whimsical paintings were the inspiration for The Coca-Cola Salute to Folk Art, an international collection of folk art sculptures.


Howard Finster: Visions of Coca-Cola include items from The Thomas E. Scanlin Collection, including:

  • A 13-foot-tall Coke bottle “big enough for man to stand in” that depicts historical figures in the artist’s unique style
  • The 8-foot-tall original folk art bottle, which Finster created for the 1996 Olympic Games and inspired a global art project
  • Tools from Finster’s studio that became works of art themselves

The new addition is a must see for the family its like taking a walk in his life and the kids truly enjoyed reading and learning about the host of history of Coca-Cola. The kids were even able to actually hold the torch from the Olympics that was held here in Atlanta.


As we continued the tour we were excited about the interactive movie that takes you around the world to see how Coca-Cola has made its mark in all cultures lives and the added effects makes this attraction even more enjoyable. Then the time arrived for the tasting.  The kids were able to taste Coca-Cola drinks from Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Latin America. This is so awesome! Its like traveling to the destinations and actually seeing which drinks are most popular there. Oh and this is where the app comes in handy again because we were able to keep a journal of all of our favorite drinks. How awesome is that?

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Since its that Summer and this is an awesome destination to add to your Summer Vacation list I have (4) tickets to help one lucky family join in the fun of the World of Coca-Cola Summer Kick Off. All you need to do is enter below for your chance to visit one of the greatest attractions ever!


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