Travel Tip Tuesday-Never Travel Without These Items

Travel Tip Tuesday-Never Travel Without These Items

Travel Tuesday

Happy Travel Tip Tuesday! Welcome to June the month of beach visits and vacationing to Tropical Islands. Let’s talk about some necessities that you should never travel without. Of Course there are so many things that you could include in this list but there are some items that you absolutely can’t leave home without so without further ado lets get to my list:

  1. Passport and Visa (If Applicable)
  2. Copy of your Birth Certificate (In case of Emergency)
  3. $200 in cash in case of an emergency
  4. A set of clothes and under garments in your carry on incase your luggage gets lost or stolen
  5. An Extra Charger for your cell phone
  6. Camera
  7. One credit card and debit card
  8. Translation Book if traveling abroad
  9. Sunscreen Lotion TSA Approved Size
  10. Comfortable Shoes for walking


See you all next Tuesday for more tips. Safe Travels!



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