Travel Tuesday – 5 Tips to Preparing for Vacation

Happy Travel Tuesday! How are all of my travelers doing? The Summer months are simply perfect for traveling with your family and friends. This week I want to share my travel tips on how to prepare for traveling on vacation. I will be the first to admit that I use to over pack and not properly prepare for when I traveled both in the US and abroad. I have added 5 Tips to Preparing for Vacation. Stay tuned as I add more throughout my series.


  1. Pack Light! If you only pack enough to fit inside your carry on then you can always check an empty small suitcase for the items that you will purchase while on vacation. (It’s an added bonus if the airline checks it for free)
  2. Hold Your Mail: If you will be gone for more than an week then you should have your post office hold your mail until you return. (This is important! If your mailbox is overflowing it screams to a potential robber that your not home)
  3. Prepare Your Home: Always leave at least two lights on in your home if you’re traveling for more than three days.
  4. Awards Points: Now is the time to utilize all of your points. You can get great discounts or even a free stay, flight or meals while traveling by using your points. (I have flown for free, upgraded my seat and stayed in many hotels for free by using my points)
  5. Set your email with a vacation response. While on vacation try not to answer any emails…JUST HAVE FUN!










I would love to hear your thoughts!