Travel Tuesday – Traveling with a Teenager

Happy Travel Tuesday! If you’re like me and have a teen traveling with them does not have to be a stressful task. I know in today’s society everything is about technology so why not use this time to bond with your teenager and allow them to feel a little freedom while traveling. Here are some great things to do with your teenager while traveling.


  1. If your teenager is old enough to drive and has their license then why not allow them to drive if you’re taking a road trip. Teenagers love the opportunity to get behind the will and allowing them to help you drive on the highways gives them more supervised driving instruction. Plus you get to relax and enjoy the ride.
  2. Allow them to sleep in while you’re on vacation. Remember its the Summer and you’re on Vacation.
  3. Allow your teenager some freedom while on vacation. You can plan family activities but also allow them to do activities with fellow teenagers on vacation. A little wiggle room goes a long way when traveling with teens.
  4. Staying at an all-inclusive facility is a great idea especially with growing teenager because they can go from restaurant to snack bars when they’re hungry and it cuts down the cost. Plus teen boys eat all the time!
  5.  If you’re planning on visiting attractions please ensure that you select one that has age approximate activities for everyone. Ex. Don’t select a kiddie park when you have kids that are different ages.
  6. Allow your teenagers to have their gadgets. Teenagers now live in the era of texting, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be a sport and support!
  7. Provide your teen with a budget and stick to it. This teaches them how to use their money wisely.
  8. Set up a meeting place and time to check in when you allow then that wiggle room.
  9. Allow your teen to listen to their music while traveling as long as it’s approximate!
  10. Encourage your teen to take pictures and share with the family. They will thank you later on in life when they are older. They will one day cherish the memories.

I would love to hear your thoughts!