Our Adventure to Ruby Falls

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A week ago the kids and I went on a road trip to Tennessee for a Saturday Adventure. We traveled two and a half hours to visit Rock City and while we were there decided to visit the legendary Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls was founded by Leo Lambert in 1920 when he found a cave in Lookout Mountain along with a group of fellow explorers. They spent more than 17 hours exploring on their hands and knees before hearing the sound of rushing water. They were astonished by their discovery of the waterfall that they found at the deepest point. Lambert later named the falls in honor of his wife, Ruby. Our adventures begin by descending 260 feet into historic Lookout Mountain by elevator. Our tour guide lead us along a cave path where the kids and I discovered so many unique geological wonders like the actual cave opening that Lambert and his fellow explorers actually crawled through, Cactus and Candle, Onyx Column, Frozen Niagara and Ruby’s Drapery.


Actual Opening that Lambert crawled through for over 17 hours.

The cave reflected many wonders like an ice cream cone, a donkey, a fish, bacon, potato chips and tobacco leaves.

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As we traveled through cave we noticed that it became very cool. In fact the temperature stays around 60 Degrees and provides a natural coolness. Near the end of our adventure, we could hear the thundering roar of the amazing Ruby Falls, 1120 feet underground. We learned that Ruby Falls is America’s tallest and deepest underground waterfall open to the public.


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