Wendy's Cookie Sundae


You scream! I scream! We all scream for ice cream! The rumors are real! Wendy’s debuts their newest addition to the family, a Frosty Cookie Sundae. This is a limited-time menu option for the spring/summer weather. 

This afternoon my youngest and I headed out for a quick errand run, however I left the house I checked an insider page that I love to follow that lets me know all of the latest food craziness that’s happening all over the world. What do I see? Wendy’s has a new Frosty Sundae. I honestly thought that it was “FAKE NEWS” so I decided to head to my local Wendy’s to see and guess what? I saw it on the menu!


The Frosty Cookie Sundae features your choice of their chocolate or vanilla frosty topped with Chocolate Chunk Cookie pieces (we received some pretty big chunks) and Ghiradelli Chocolate Sauce. I love me some Ghiradelli! In my area they are going for $1.99 (location price may vary). I will warn you that I highly suggest you tell them to leave the top off. In my area the top was smashing down all this sweetness so opted to have no top. My first reaction was dang this looks yummy. I love how the Frosty underneath did not melt immediately. I was pleasantly surprised that the Cookie Sundae withstood the heat because we had one more stop before heading home. Mario didn’t seem to mind because he was snacking on the chunky cookies. The cookies were delicious and lasted way longer than I had expected. I can definitely this easily being one of their top-selling desserts. It’s the perfect mini refreshing sweet snack. We’ve been doing a great job with cutting out sweets but this one will definitely be perfect for a reward or when you just need a single serving of something sweet.

Wendy's Cookie Sundae

I realize that there are a plethora of ice cream options available but the way that Wendy’s slid this baby on the menu with anyone knowing or very little advertisement in itself is why I suggest that you should try it. Plus if you’re a lover of chocolate you know that you can never go wrong with anything made by Ghiradelli. I can promise you that I will be trying it with the chocolate Frosty just out of curiosity and to experience the entire chocolate effect. 

If you’ve tried it already I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave your comments below.