Mother's Day Pamper Gifts
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Have you pampered your mom lately? Do you have any friends or family members that are Moms and you want to gift them with some amazing products to pamper themselves? We know that moms wear a million hats and they rarely take any time for a little R & R. This year we are excited to share a few of our favorite brands that are sure to give that special mom in your life an amazing pampering session right in the comfort of her home on Mother’s Day. 

Mother's Day Pamper Gifts


Life Around 2 Angels, $26.80 

This package has some of their best offerings and it comes highly rated by their customers. Did I mention that it is also the best seller? 

Bath Bomb List:

Angel: Our signature scent. A blend of patchouli, glaze with a hint of sweet nut, red berries and soft vanilla.
Black Raspberry Vanilla: Amora of ripe black raspberries and soft vanilla.
Fun in the Shower: Peach, cherry, pineapple orange and soft vanilla.
Fun on the Beach: Tropical aroma of pineapple, grapefruit and orange.
Kiwi & Strawberry: Imagine soaking in the aroma of fruity tropical island.
Lavender: Soft lavender with a hint of fresh fragrant of garden sage and basil leaves.
Lemon grass Green Tea:Soothing aroma of fresh lemon grass and green tea, with a hint of refreshing white ginger and key lime zest.
Love: Surround yourself in romantic floral aroma, blossoming roses, beautiful lily and delicate buds.
Mango Papaya: Imagine yourself soaking in the amora of tropical island.
Melon Ball: Melon, papaya and ripe mango blend
Shea & Coconut: Rich cream of Shea button infused into coconut, top with the blend of aromatic sandalwood.
Victorian Rose: Fresh cut rose with a hint of ambered musk

Mothers Day Pamper Gifts

Mantra Mask, $10.00 each

Pamper the mom in your life with one of three Mantra: 

The Restore & Hydrate Hydrating Mask Collagen Mask richly moisturizes without oils and calms and repairs troubled skin.  It plumps and firms the face to immediately reduce wrinkles. 

The Calm & Clarity Blemish/Acne Mask and Repair Blemish Mask is a natural way to overcome and prevent unwanted blemishes  … cleans pores, exfoliates, kills bacteria-causing blemishes, reduces skin oil production, and moisturizes skin without oils.

The Renew Damage Control/After Sun Mask REPAIR & RENEW mask can provide damage control that is outstanding in greatly reducing the aging contributors. 


Mothers Day Pamper Gifts

Neutrogena Rain Bath Body Gel Collection, $7.49 – $22.49

What mom doesn’t dream of taking a tropical vacation? When you can’t send the special mom in your life on a tropical excursion the next best thing is a collection of the Neutrogena Rain Bath Body Gel. Neutrogena did an amazing job packaging the tropical essence inside every body. These are perfect for a day of pampering and unwinding after a long busy day or just having an R & R day. 


Mothers Day Pamper Gifts
FRE Skincare


Quickie Cap

Quickie Cap, $33.00 – 36.00

How can your mom have a pamper day without protecting her beautiful tresses? Quickie cap® is made in USA by real women and definitely isn’t your old school grandma shower cap. I love how their pricing is reflective of costs associated with producing a high quality, crafted product. I can wear any style with my Quickie cap® from braids, natural hair to wigs and my hair is protected during my showers, pampering self-care days and apply makeup. Save 10% Today by using Code: Turkesha10


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