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When God Happens Book Review


Do you believe in God? Angels? Have you ever had supernatural experiences that you just can’t logically explain? 

Hey Darlings! I’m back with another amazing book. As you all know I’m an avid reader and discovering books that help me on those days when I’m not 100% are just what the doctor ordered. I recently had the opportunity to read “When God Happens” by Angela Hunt and Bill Myers. This is one that I would categorize under both “Motivational” and “Inspirational”. I’ve had the book for a few weeks and casually skimmed through it but then one day I woke up feeling slightly depressed. I can’t say that anything in particular happened except I just felt a way that was unexplainable. I don’t have these moments often but when I do I turn to reading scriptures to assist in guiding my day. On this particular day I decided to grab my copy of “When God Happens”.

When God Happens Book Review

When God Happens consist of 8 unique yet inspiring stories that will grasp you at heart and cause you to stop and ponder on the goodness of God. I will not spoil the book for anyone reading but I will however discuss the very first story, Miracle on Highway 6. Have you ever had a notion to get up and go somewhere or do something ? Sometimes God nudges us to do certain things to place us in a place to be a blessing to someone or other. In 2009 Cody and his wife Cheri all of a sudden had a craving for a hot dog from the city. Although they were both on a diet they both agreed to head into town to grab one. While on the way they were fighting against a bad storm that eventually passed and with its passing came a terrible car accident. Although Cody and Cheri were not involved in the accident their inner being had them to both jump out of their vehicle to help those involved in the accident. One person was pinned in the car and constrained with a seat belt while the other vehicle soon was engulfed with flames. 

Here’s an excerpt:

When God Happens Book Review

The couple both tried their hardest to pull everyone from the accident. Cheri recalls calling her father who wasn’t a faith person to immediately start praying. In fact the couple was praying so loud that I’m sure the angels in heaven could hear. There was a moment when a higher being appeared and assisted them with getting everyone to safety. No one could explain it other than it was an angel or God. 

Here we have two people who think nothing about their own lives to help save other people’s lives. They both could have been badly hurt if not killed but God Happened. The story goes on to share lessons that they both learned as well as how God stepped in and provided when they couldn’t provide for themselves. Codi and Cheri eventually built a powerful ministry that helps the masses all over the world. Anything is possible “When God Happens”.

When God Happens Book Review

This is an amazing book that riveting first-hand accounts of real people who have experienced medical healing, angelic visitation, and demonic possession. This book will leave you will be astonished, moved, and inspired. It’s a MUST READ! 

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