When Was The Last Time That You Checked On Your Strong Friend?

Well? Today was honestly a rough day for me. It was one of those days where all sorts of feeling began to flood my mind. Would Have. Could Have. Should Have. It was a day that had my mind racing to the point I wondered why no one checks on me often. Granted my best friend can always tell when I’m having a rough day but what about the masses of other people who cast their burdens upon me? Sure I don’t mind helping people through situations and problems. In fact the majority of the time I always have a solid solution for them but today I wondered if they ever consider that I too get tired and exhausted. Just because I don’t wear my problems on my shoulders or broadcast them over social media doesn’t mean that I don’t have my fair share. Even though I’m a very private person I wouldn’t tell them my problems but it would be nice to have those same people who are always in distress check up on me sometimes.


Check on your STRONG FRIEND! She or He may need to hear from you. Trust me we’re not always okay. We need a life boat sometimes too Love. We need motivation too! I get that everyone is use to us being the one who pushes, motivates and drives everyone else to greatness but when our tank is emptied or low we need refilling too. Call it what you want but today was indeed my day. Today was my day to have my once in a while pity party. Today was my day to vent. Today was the day that if someone called who needed my assistance probably didn’t get the response that they were seeking. Heck! Even Energizer and Duracell batteries eventually wear out and need to be changed. I was truly having a day. It’s not often that I have these days but when they come they always put me in a mood. It’s hard to explain because  it sometimes just lingers and I have to pull my own self out of a rut. Hopefully when the clock strikes 12 I’ll get a do over and my mind will be at ease as I prepare myself for this crazy weekend ahead of me. Remember to check on your STRONG FRIEND more often!