Single Mom



Hey Darlings! I’ve been observing my fellow single moms online for a few months and today I am addressing a growing issue that I’ve been seeing amongst our community. I’m getting straight to the point! Who the hell made you the Chairman over Single Moms? Like seriously? Who ever asked for your dam opinion? If I chat with one more single mother about y’all stupid heifers blowing up their DM about them not being married and having kids or being a single mom raising her kids. Sis why are you so pressed? So just so that we’re all clear…I AM A SINGLE MOM! 

Single Mom
Photo by Nicholas Githiri from Pexels

Guess what I have been a single mom who had a child out-of-wedlock and I’ve been a mom who was married who just so happens to be single mom again! THAT! I’ve lived on both sides! So what exactly is your point? Why must you continue to harass the single mothers on your time lime because if you come for me I will give you something that you can feel. Did you ever stop to wonder why she is a single mother? HELL you don’t know what the situation may be so STOP PASSING JUDGEMENT!

Secondly, NOT ALL SINGLE MOMS depend on government assistance! Honey we have businesses, degrees, mortgages and stocks! What makes you think that we all have to depend on anyone to care for our families. HELL some of ya’ll have a whole husband and are still struggling and getting assistance by using your maiden name. Many of ya’ll are married and don’t own a piece of property! Yeah! All of that! Heck some of ya’ll husbands are dragging ya’ll so bad that you’re wishing that you was a single mom! Oh my bad you’re too afraid of what society will say about you so you choose to stay in a horrible situation to put on airs for others. Girl Bye! Get yourself a life and leave all of the single moms alone!

Single Mom

Lastly the women who have yet to be blessed with a child please stop talking about single moms. You know who you are? You smile in our face and turn around and whisper about us to your friends or homegirl. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if there is a reason why you don’t have a child? Maybe if you get your mind right God may bless you with one. Instead of talking about a single mom try asking her can you help her in some way and ask with a cheerful heart. She may be single with a child but you would be surprised what you can learn from her

To those who are pissed by this post as my grandmother Ruby use to say “A HURT DOG WILL BARK”. Get over it! Please let this be the one and only time that this needs to be addressed! 


Turkesha McIvy