The past few months have been a time where my inner being has felt like it’s been at a constant war with my mind. You see I’m one of those people who have a hard time fully shutting down their brain which means even when I am asleep it feels like I’m actually awake. I found myself during the last month of 2018 making the decision to ensure that in 2019 that I would be “INTENTIONAL” when it comes to my business and life. Honestly I found myself over the past few years placing my eggs into one basket to sort of speak. I naturally have this aura that just loves to help others and although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that the fact remains that I found myself lost. Lost in other people’s problems, life and career. It was imperative that at some point I take a few steps back to inspect myself.


I have been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember even when I worked for over twenty years in a leadership capacity in corporate. I always had some sort of side hustle going on. It’s funny when I think all the way back to High School even then I always had a mini business growing in between classes and drill team practice. That’s definitely my fathers DNA taking over. LOL! I started Naturalbabydol blog in 2013 as a hobby that has since then turned into a full-time part of my life along with me also starting McIvy Media in 2017 which was indeed a leap of faith on my part. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint at heart but for those who know that business is not an over night success story for many but a rewarding part of your life that affords you the freedom to be your own boss and live according to your own rules. The growth process of my blog is finally showing its fruit from years of hard work but still has a way to go and McIvy Media could have been so much more if I had taken the same time and energy that I put into others and their brands into my own. These are lessons that are learned from experience and teachable moments for those that come after me.


I remember last year in July during my family and I’s Spring Break Trip the Lord woke me one early morning to tell me to get all of my business affairs in order. Honestly I had no idea what that meant because I had 80% of it in order but there was that 20% that constantly seemed to linger over. The moment that we returned from our trip I begin to ensure that the 20% that was lingering was in place. It wasn’t until in January 2019 while praying then dosing off that the Lord revealed a few things to me about why I had to get all of my business affairs in order. As the months began to pass I continued with assisting in building brands, dibbled in some risk management, used my investigative skills to maintain others integrity all while continuing to brand and market for others until the light came on one day. I realized that a few years had passed working to build something that would never be mine nor would I ever receive any recognition or compensation for all of the long days and nights, countless hours, creative ideas, gifts and talents that I bring to the table. When that light clicked I knew that it was time for me to STEP OUT ON FAITH. It was time for me TO LEAP! 


Sometimes after God has given you so many subtle answers and examples to STEP OUT you find the examples become more extravagant in efforts to get your attention. I will be the first to admit that he’s had to do it to me countless times but this last time I took all of the examples and warning as confirmation.  This past week I made the decision to close one chapter and leaped into a new one. I will admit that once it was done I begin to second guess myself but God is so dynamic! I received an alert on my cell alerting me that there was money available on my cash app. I took a look and I was literally in tears to see that a fellow business owner sowed a seed into the growth of my business. All that I could do was cry because God will use whomever he desires to show you that he’s still in control. The fact that the seed came on my very last day was confirmation that my decision to STEP OUT ON FAITH and LEAP was ordained by God. I can’t lie that these next days, week and month are a little scary as I diligently work to build my brand just as I have countless times for others. I just want to tell everyone reading this post to KEEP GOING, DON’T QUIT, the LAST will be FIRST and the FIRST will BE LAST. My inner circle (Dannielle, Shahidah, Kammie, Kendra & Summer) have all taken the leap and we urge you to do the same! The BEST IS YET TO COME!As long as God is in control he will guide you every step of the way.

Turkesha XOXO