"TFAL Ingenious Scoop" "National Ice Cream Day" "Sutter Home" "Sherbet" "Adult Drink" "Infused Drinks"

Wine Infused Sherbet – National Ice Cream Day

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream! Today is National Ice Cream Day and I would normally share tons of post featuring the kids all enjoying their two or three scoops of ice cream running around in the hot Summer but this year I decided to cater to the adults. I can honestly say that I get overwhelmed and would like to take a few mommy days but in reality that’s just not an option especially for me, a divorced mother of three. I often find myself so absorbed with ensuring that the kids have a great time that I often neglect myself, even if that means taking an hour for myself or just relaxing without thinking of the next project to do with the kids or the next event that we will attend. I thought to myself and why not dedicate “National Ice Cream Day” to the adults?


We just so happen to be a family of ice cream lovers and that means that I am always on the search for the perfect ice cream scoop. I mean really! We have literally gone through dozens. Yes dozens until I discovered the T-FAL Ingenio. The Ingenio Ice Cream Scoop happens to be an effortless scoop made of heavy cast material that allows me to scoop up ice cream no matter how hard or soft it may be and it makes the perfect round shape. Did I mention that it also has a “kickstand” that props the tool off the counter? Do you know what that means to a parent? It means that when my little on uses it I no longer have to worry about sticky ice cream residue left behind on my counters. Perfect!

Enough babbling…Let’s get this party started!

Items Needed:

T-FAL Ingenious Ice Cream Scoop

Orange Sherbet 

Sutter Home Chardonnay/Moscato Blend

Wine Glass

A Few Friends or A Bubble Bath


  1. Grab your favorite wine glass.
  2. Scoop two-three scoops of orange sherbet using your T-FAL Ingenious Scoop. "National Ice Cream Day" "Sutter Home" "Sherbet" "Adult Drink" "Infused Drinks"
  3. Place sherbet in wine glass and add Sutter Home Blend. "National Ice Cream Day" "Sutter Home" "Sherbet" "Adult Drink" "Infused Drinks"
  4. Allow the wine to infuse the sherbet for a few minutes then pour remaining wine out. "TFAL Ingenious Scoop" "National Ice Cream Day" "Sutter Home" "Sherbet" "Adult Drink" "Infused Drinks"
  5. Enjoy!