Throw in the Towel

You Either Throw In The Towel Or Pass It!

What happens when you want to throw in the towel? This morning I found myself lying in bed longer and later than normal. Actually its been like that this entire week. Initially I thought that it was because the kids were now out for Summer break so hey it’s no crime for mom to stay in bed a little longer. I was awakened by my bonus mom who was heading over to bring me a bonus mom package. LOL! I love how she shops and always keeps the kids and I in mind by picking up random things for us. Any who once she left I laid back down for an hour then jumped up so that I could take Tux out for his morning walk. 

It was something different about today. I just felt like throwing in the towel. Bills, life, stress, mortgage, lack of a car and situations occurring made me feel like just saying the hell with it. START OVER! Head back into the Corporate World and collect my big paycheck. It was a series of things. I haven’t had one of these days in a long time however today was no exception. I knew that I had to try to offset my day so I grabbed Tux and took my morning walk. Thankfully it was raining a little because that made the walk more relaxing. Once we came back in the house I decided to spend twenty-five minutes on my mat, practicing yoga, praying and meditating. I’ve found that this helps calms me. It dawned on me during my practice that the last time that I slept in super late that I was starting to get a little depressed. 

I’m thankful that I can recognize the signs that trigger me during those moments when I feel like I need to throw in the towel. Perhaps it was pinned up stress that finally hit its point. I am bless to have a few accountability partners that I can not only discuss business but also talk to them about life. It helps to have someone that you trust to talk to about any situations that you may be experiencing. Sometimes we find that we make drastic decisions without carefully weighing all of your options. For me they were my saving grace for today. 

My reading all day has come from Genesis 18 where God made a promise to Abraham that his wife Sarah would birth him a son. Even when Sarah was ease dropping and heard what was told to Abraham she laughed. When God had Abraham ask her why she laughed, she lied and said that she didn’t. Sarah and Abraham had a son even in their old age. Is anything too hard for God? This story taught me that although it may take longer for us to get to our end goal, get married, have a family, build the business or become successful its NEVER too late. God has all power and is the creator of the divine plan. God will bring every promise that he spoke come to past. We just have to be patient, have faith and believe.