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Young Jeezy “Seen It All” Album Release at DTLR

Happy Hump Day! The kids and I are still stoked from attending another successful Stepsevent on yesterday. We had the privilege to Young Jeezy’s “Seen It All” Album release event that took place at DTLR in South DeKalb Mall and trust me it was indeed epic. I decided to take my two younger kids along with me because they serve as my extension of my media team. We all jumped inside the 2014 KIA Soul compliments of DriveSTI and headed to see Young Jeezy. My seven-year old Mario helps take the pictures and my eleven-year old engineer in the making assists with social media post. When Young Jeezy arrived there was a plethora of photographers on the scene but Mario was indeed the youngest and smallest in the crowd. He caught Young Jeezy’s attention and he called Mario to join him in the paparazzi photos lol.  Shortly afterwards Mario was pulled by one of Young Jeezy’s staff take photos along with Thaddaeus McAdams who was taking pictures for Getty Images. How cool is that? SUPER COOL! Yes we keep it all in the family plus it serves as great bonding time for us. I would have posted this earlier today but I had to wait for my seven and eleven year old to get home so that he could share with you all what they thought of the event. Check out his remarks in his own words: Capture12


Mario: I loved it. It was awesome. We got to get a Fan signed by Young Jeezy .  A new song Seen it all came out. My mom got a picture with Young Jeezy. Billy also got a fan signed by Young Jeezy. Thank you Mr. Jamahl. 958 Billy: On yesterday my mom took me and my little brother to meet Young Jeezy and see his new album release “Seen It All”. When I got to me Jeezy I was so happy because I like Jeezy’s  song  “Seen It All”. I am glad my mom took my little brother and I enjoyed helping with the social media. I just want to Mr. Jamahl for letting my mom, my little brother, and I come to the event with him. And last not least my mom. Thank you for taking us to meet Young Jeezy. CaptureThe kids had a great experience as you can see in their first guest post. It took my a while to get them settled for bed because they were so excited about the evening that they had with Young Jeezy. I’m definite that these memories will last a lifetime for them after all its the childhood memories that count the most! Check out a few of the over 1,000 shots that he took on last night.















~Turkesha, Billy & Mario

*All Photos were taken by my seven-year old and are property of with the exception of the photos taken by FreddyO and a Instagram repost from V103 Atlanta*




  1. […] We enjoyed our road trip to Savannah. I will admit having the SIRIUS/XM Traffic feature truly came in handy because on the drive back to Atlanta there was only one-lane open on Interstate 16 and we were able to take several alternative routes to avoid the traffic congestion that became apparent on our journey back home. I will point out that those heated seats came in handy on the long drive back because the kids wanted the air blowing and I became cold so the heated seats was a middle compromise for us. Our Kia Soul adventures did not end there because the next day we headed to South DeKalb Mall to cover the Social Media for Young Jeezy’s “Seen It All” Album release where my youngest son who also helps me with taking pictures was asked by Young Jeezy to accompany their photographer and take pictures alongside him. To check out our Young Jeezy experience click here. […]

  2. Awesome Job! The photographs are great, really great! Looks like they had a great time and the album release was a success.

    1. Thank you! It was a great event!

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