12 Months Of Travel! Destination 4: New York #Wanderlust

The kids have visited New York numerous times but since they were still very young, perhaps too young to remember our many adventures. We decided to head to New York while we were visiting Atlantic City, after all its only a two-hour drive. We grabbed our coats and set off for Destination #4, New York. The kids patiently awaited our arrival into New York.

Heading to New York

The kids learned about tolls. We have a few here in Atlanta but we rarely have to use them. They were fascinated with the idea of having to stop and pay $12 or more dollars to basically enter into another state. I told the tolls are in different states and as we travel the world they will have the opportunity to learn more.

New York TollsOnce we arrived in New York we headed to Times Square. The kids have been watching Good Morning America and a host of events that take place there and visiting was on their vision boards. The weather was a beast! We had to bundle up and pile layer on top of layer to keep warm. We were determined to make our way to Times Square and we did just that.

Naturalbabydol in New York

Naturalbabydol in New York

As soon as we hit Times Square the sun had already set so we would have the opportunity to see all of the lights. My eight-year-old said “Mommy we’re in the city that never sleeps”. Revlon had a huge screen up showcasing everyone. We stayed there for about five minutes suddenly we say ourselves on the screen. I had to hold Mario up because he was too short but he had the opportunity to see himself on-screen and Times Square and that was awesome sauce to him.

On The Big Screen In New York

On The Big Screen In New York

Now you all know that we could not come to New York and not run into Spiderman! After all Spiderman roams the city looking for villains.  The boys had an opportunity to assist Spiderman as we wandered the streets of the Big City!

Adventures of Spider Man Adventures of Spider Man Adventures of Spider Man Adventures of Spider Man

If you read my travel post often then you know that I am adventurous and so are my two younger kids. We decided to take a stroll to get a view of the Big Apple. We stopped off in a few stores and collected souvenirs and did a little shopping. We’ll I did some shopping. We just happen to stumble upon the Cake Boss Café which is another item on my bucket list. I had hoped to one day visit the original bakery but for now this will be perfect. I have been watching Buddy for years and I adore his designs. I was curious if they would be packed like what we see on television and they were. I pulled a number which happen to be number 88! We patiently waited to grab a few cupcakes and pastries. Unfortunately those items never stood a chance for their photo opt because they were too delicious and were eaten immediately! LOL!

Cake Boss Cafe


Cake Boss Cafe 




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