Business Accountability Partner


One of the biggest reasons goals are not achieved is because we often find that we never hold ourselves accountable. Goals are set but then life hits us and we find that the task and issues at hand become the primary focus while the goals that we initially set are placed on the back burner. In 2019 I made a conscience decision to be more intentional with my business and personal goals. Over the past years I have unknowingly become an accountability partner for so many of my friends and colleagues. I realized that while I’m working diligently to push them to achieve their goals mine have fallen to the waist side. I’m so excited that I have found a great accountability partner who checks in on my daily when needed and monthly depending on the goals and plans that I have at the time. I love that she has a similar mind set, that we can bounce ideas off one another and when I’m in my feeling she can snap me right out. It’s essential to have the right person as your accountability partner. Here are 4 Reasons Why You Need An Accountability Partner.

1)  Having an accountability partner means that you are never off the hook. When you check in with one another the end goal is to get as many task on your list complete so that when you check back in you can give them an update. You and your accountability partner both pledge to challenge one another throughout the week or month to push each other to complete their task. It’s imperative to select someone who is strong enough to tell you when your slacking off.

2)  You aren’t alone. Starting a new business or making the decision to just “JUMP” can be scary. Having a person that’s in it with you can serve as a safety net. Although I have been in business for a few years I am always learning something new everyday. All the years in Corporate helped prepare me to run my business but once its actually your baby the business world seems like another world. Plus why dance alone when its funnier with a partner.

3) Someone to bounce around ideas. Having an accountability partner to talk with when you find yourself in a situation where you can’t reach a decision or indecisive on an idea. 

4) Someone to share your accomplishments with. Did you accomplish a major win in your business? Did you hit a major milestone? Did you score your first major client or sold your first product? An accountability partner is in place to share your big news with! They’ll celebrate your wins as if its theirs because a win is a win for both of you. Celebrate over lunch or dinner! You deserve it!