Hey Love Muffins! Let’s talk about dating a single mom. Contrary to what people may think us single moms would like to go out on dates. I get that many guys feel like single moms carry baggage but that’s not the case for thousands of us. You would be surprised to learn that many of us DO NOT have baggage, baby daddy or ex husband drama or heart ache from past relationships. 

As a single mom I personally take pride in maintaining the safety of my kids at any cost which means if and when I do date I don’t believe in introducing my kids to the man especially if emotionally I feel that they may not be around long. I haven’t actively dated since my divorce so this post is only from my point of view and from conversations with fellow friends that are also single. Today I am sharing 5 benefits and tips for dating a single mom.

Benefit #1: She Can Cook

As a parent you’re always preparing a meal for yourself and your child(ren). This isn’t to say that women without kids can’t cook but to demonstrate that cooking is simply apart of our routine. I know as a mom myself I get joy out of cooking and learning how to prepare new meals. It’s also a great way to have a cheap date or save money while dating plus there’s a healthy aspect as well because many mothers are adamant about providing their kids with healthy dinner options. Secondly preparing a meal together as a couple makes for a great date night.


Benefit #2: She Will Definitely Know Exactly What She Wants

If she’s interested in dating you, it’s apparent that she knows what she desires in a man and sees something in you that she feels will be beneficial to both of you in the long run. Keep in mind that she has experience with dating and is confident in building a relationship that will be conducive for her child, you and herself.


Benefits #3: She Has Hell Of Patience LOL!

Listen as a single mom you must have patience. In a relationship patience is so important. I think that both the female and male tend to forget that during the dating process your collecting DATA so having patience with one another is necessary. A mom learns early on with her child as an infant and toddler to have patience.


Dating a single mom
Photo by Marius Tuyishime from Pexels


Benefits #4: She Is Independent

There is no need to worry about her being clingy and annoying because guess what? We just don’t have time for that crap! Don’t get me wrong. We love spending time with our mate but we’re not looking to be in your presence every second of the day. We have tons of things to worry about and worrying about a man’s every movement simply isn’t one. We’re more pressed about helping the kids with homework, paying mortgage or just having a little break from our crazy life.


Benefits #5: She Is Mature

Who has time for clubbing? We don’t have time for late night hanging out all of the time or binge drinking. Yes we love the occasional nights out on the town like periodical Girls Night Out and spontaneous outing with you. As a mom our nights consist of helping our kids with homework, preparing dinner, preparing everyone for the next day and finally wining down for the evening. I love listening to a true crime podcast, reading a great book, enjoying a hot bubble bath or catching up on my shows on Investigation Discovery.

Our kids will come first when making decisions and we take into consideration the consequences to our actions. We’re also not in the habit of starting arguing about petty issues. We’re mature enough to express any concerns that may bother us and ok with walking away because as stated above we know what we want.


5 Benefits Of Dating A Single Mom