The Love Language Devotional Bible
Faith/Christian Living, Relationships


The Love Language Devotional Bible with Relationship Insights from #1 New York Times best selling author of the 5 Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman helps couples spend each day growing in the Word of God and drawing closer.

Dr. Chapman teaches his readers how to better understand one another as both individuals and as a couple. He brings his unique style to the The Love Languages Devotional Bible. I love how you can read through the scriptures together while enjoying a brief devotional readings that can be applied to relationships across the board and allow you to deepen your understanding of God and one another. It should always be a couples goal to pray and learn together to strengthen their relationship.  This amazing bible guides couples through God’s unchanging Word and also covers roles, sex, conflict, money, communication, family and so much.

The Love Language Devotional Bible

The introduction of the bible presents  few key features:

  • New Living Translation (clear and elegant, ideal for an easy read and reading aloud)
  • 30 Bible Reading for Getting to Know God
  • 66 Bible Book Introduction
  • 260 Daily Devotions (Weekday Devotions)
  • 52 Weekend Supplies (Short Bible Studies)
  • 15 What He Needs/She Needs Articles (These help you understand each other a little better)
  • Topical Index

I love that as soon as you open the bible to read Genesis theres as Monday devotional titled “Marriage as Partnership”. It guides you to read Genesis 1:26-31. and speaks about Marriage is a partnership, not ownership. A wife is not trophy to be won through courtship and then displayed on the wall for all to observe, alongside a prized ten-point buck.

The bible continues to guide couples as they read through each of the books through a developmental devotion. In my opinion this is a great tool for couples who are seriously dating, engaged or married. I love the process and manner that Dr. Gary uses to engage the couple while the bible devotions provide biblical examples to help them build and strengthen their relationships.

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