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5 Simple Ways To Stay In Shape In 2016

As the year comes to a close I see so many Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr post of individuals once again committing to live a healthier lifestyle in the New Year and plans to stay in shape. Honestly I see many of the same individuals consistently saying year after year that they are going to lose weight, eat healthier, join a gym and etc., etc. You get where I am going. There are so many things that you can do to stay in shape or lose weight that are simple things that you basically do everyday.

"Fitness" "Stay In Shape" "Workout"

  1. Take a 10 minute walk around your neighborhood or Walk your pet instead the kids. You can wear a pedometer to keep up with your steps and burn calories. "Fitness" "Stay In Shape" "Workout"
  2. Park in a parking space further away from the entrance. This will force you to walk a further distance while getting in a mini workout. "Fitness" "Stay In Shape" "Workout"
  3. Take a walk in the park for half of your lunch break. Ex. If you have an hour for lunch, why not eat a healthy lunch and take a walk in the park or mall for the other half hour. "Yoga" "Yoga Family Affair" "Black Family Yoga" "Naturalbabydol"
  4. Find a fitness accountability partner. Make sure the person that you select is already active with working out, eating healthy or hitting the gym. "Fitness" "Stay In Shape" "Workout"
  5. Replace your chocolate or vending machine snack with a delicious healthy fruit snack during the week to cut down on sugar and calories.

These are just a few small yet simple things that you can do to get a jump on a healthier you. I personally made the commitment a few years ago to stay in shape and eat healthier after a family member was diagnosed with cancer. Over the past few years it has been a slow process for my kids to get use to letting go of foods that are not good for their health. Although the transition may slow is has definitely come around for them over the past years. We now work out as a family, eat healthier and practice yoga together. The most important thing is to simply JUST GET STARTED!

Happy 2016! Share your 2016 routines with us!