"Monster® Clarity HD" "Monster" "Ear buds"

Bye Bye Crappy Earbuds, Hello Monster® Clarity HD™ High Definition

As part of Monster’s review team, I received a pair of Monster® Clarity HD™ High Definition for review. All opinion are my own.

Are you ready to say Bye Bye to your crappy earbuds? You know the ones that you find yourself replacing over and over? If you’re like me you’re tired of the gimmicks that other companies promise with the clarity and longevity of their earbuds. I was excited to say Bye Bye to my crappy earbuds and step up my game to Monster’s superior crafted, Clarity HD in ear, earbuds for a more enjoyable yet exceptional sound. As an entrepreneur and mother on the go, its imperative that I have a great pair of earbuds for last minute conference calls, yoga work-outs and everyday use.

I have joined forces with Monster and spokesperson & Vine Superstar King Bach on their Crappy earbud initiative. Where else will you find a better pair of in ear, earbuds than Monster®? I mean let’s be totally honest with one another these are definitely my favorite and will soon become yours, plus #youdeservebetter!

After all its the Holiday Gift Giving Season and these are the perfect gift for any of your love ones. I must say that Monster® knows me all to well because when my cute pink earbuds arrived I was in awe since they are adorned with my favorite color.

"Monster® Clarity HD" "Monster" "Ear buds"

I was happy to break up with my crappy earbuds that I decided to pop a bottle!

"Monster® Clarity HD" "Monster" "Ear buds"

Since I have been using my new Monster® Clarity HD earbuds my life has been so much better. They have come in handy when I’m traveling and need to take a quick business call, a typical morning walking the dog and for my weekly work out sessions.

The fact that these amazing earbuds also come with a medium size tips and two other sized which affords you the opportunity to ensure that you always have a perfect fit is a major plus for me and can often be a deal breaker since most crappy earbuds never give you that option. Another reason that these are perfect for the gadget lover in your life. Now through December 25th Monster is offering my readers a 20% discount on all products when you use PROMO CODE “MonsterNation” during checkout.

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