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5 Steps To Set Your Intentions + Example Intentions

Are You Ready To Create Powerful Intentions?

How many times have you prepared the night before so that your morning would run smooth and in your mind you played out the scenario that everything would be “Picture Perfect”? Go ahead raise your hand. Have you ever thought about setting your intentions?

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I’m guilty of this everyday. Listen! It doesn’t matter how well I prepare there is always something that distracts my plans and seems to throw my entire day off. This isn’t a good start your day. How you start sets your tone for the entire day. As you all know who follow me that I have been doing yoga for about three years and I can honestly say that it has helped tremendously with teaching me how to mediate and set intentions but honestly that doesn’t happen until I’m actually on the mat so what about my early morning? So after many failed attempts to create a good space for my morning I have managed to create 5 Ways To Set My Intentions for an Amazing Day. I promise you if you consistently follow these steps your attitude, perception and mindset will gradually change and this will become second nature to you in no time. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

  1. Start your day with 5-10 minutes of Prayer and/or Meditation
  2. Write your Intentions for the day in a journal designated for “Daily Intentions”
  3. Write at least 1-2 Intentions on a sticky note and place where you can see it daily
  4. Verbally read your Intention to yourself
  5. Ask for what you want and then let it go

Your intentions will always thrive around how you want the day to go, how you feel and of course your goals. Here are few examples of Intentions that I have set over the past few months. Feel free to use these or create your own from my examples below:


  1. I intend to live every moment of my life stress-free, happy, conscious, aware and woke.
  2. I intend to allow McIvy Media to grow as God ordains it into a phenomenal corporate and household name.
  3. I intend to show gratitude to everyone that I encounter for the next 60 days.
  4. I intend to set my mind daily with positive thoughts and absorb positive energy.



  1. I intend to teach my children to see the good in everyone that they encounter.
  2. I intend to teach my children how to set their intentions daily for a successful day.
  3. I intend to teach my children how to become successful entrepreneurs.
  4. I intend to teach my children to always use good judgement in making their decisions.



  1. I intend to channel my creativity daily and ensure that my days are filled with fun, abundance, prosperity and happiness.
  2. I intend to help others find their creativity in their work and businesses.
  3. I intend to celebrate everyone’s wins including mine. 



  1. I intend to strengthen my relationship with God daily.
  2. I intend to manifest the life that I want for my family.
  3. I intend to treat everyone with kindness, love and joy.
  4. I intend to pray and meditate daily on Gods unchanging word.



Please remember that writing out your intentions is an amazing way to jumpstart creating the life yo want and manifesting your dreams. Sign up here to be added to our monthly intentions email list.