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5 Steps To Set Your Intentions + Example Intentions

Are You Ready To Create Powerful Intentions? How many times have you prepared the night before so that your morning would run smooth and in your mind you played out the scenario that everything would be “Picture Perfect”? Go ahead raise your hand. Have you ever thought about setting your intentions?   I’m guilty of this everyday. Listen! It doesn’t …

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Birchbox Road Trip, Birchbox, Birchbox manFashion & Beauty


Have you heard? Birchbox (BB) is on the road and ATLANTA is there very first stop! This morning I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive media first look their his and her containers. Birchbox has magically transformed two shipping containers, one for men and one for women, into full-service beauty and grooming shops.  Ladies will receive mini manicures. Plus the men can …

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