Locked Case


What does your price tag say about you? Are you on clearance or in the locked case? This morning as I was heading to Walmart to grab a few things for the kids while we’re traveling I happened to stumble upon Steve Harvey’s radio station. I said stumble because I haven’t listened to it in a year or longer. If I’m not in the car when its on then there’s a huge chance that I wouldn’t listen to his show or anyone else’s radio show. Steve Harvey talked about how we handle our business and relationships. He made a valid point. He touched on the point that when you go in a store you can just try on a shirt but when you go in a Macy’s type store there will be some items that you will have to ask for assistance to try on. These are the expensive items behind the counter in a locked case that you need assistance with before you purchase. This made me think. Why do we subject ourselves to meaningless relationships and discount our business. How can we expect someone to pay us the rates that we desire if we continue to underbid our worth.


Harvey stated that if we treat our personal relationships and business like the shirt that everyone can try on when they walk into the store then how can we expect anything more. Listen! This revelation hit me dead in my face. I have been guilty of both. Last year my business, gifts and talents were basically tried on by whoever wanted to try them because I was operating under the assumption that it was my job to help everyone, get their business off the ground and it was okay to sell my services short. It wasn’t until around November of 2018 that I had a long conversation with God and during our candid talking I discovered that everything has a season and ends for a reason. Sometimes we over stay our welcome in both business and relationships. We hold on to things that was and are often times afraid of whats to come. The show this morning just made sense. I am no longer on the clearance rack. I’m in the locked case. We listen to these shows and pull what we want from them but I can definitely tell you that on today Steve Harvey was in the vein draining blood. I know that this word was destined for me. I had to make a mad dash to Walmart this morning. I stopped to one and it didn’t have what I wanted to I headed to another one that was about five minutes aways from the first one. It was during that drive that I was able to hear the Steve Harvey show. We take the small things for granted but God is very instrumental in how he presents things to us. It’s up to us to be open to receive what the spirit is saying to us. Today I was open and received. Lord Thank You for affirming and confirming!