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02:58am Have you ever had that moment… Where fear, pain, and worry woke you clean straight up out of your sleep. This was my 02:58… This was that morning were the weight of the world streamlined my shoulders. This was that moment that the devil told me it would be better if you just die. You can’t do anything right. …

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Walking alongside a man not realizing what is taking place because as a woman you enjoy the moment. The man say, “Why are you dragging along”. My arm was wrapped around his and it did not dawn on me that I was walking steps behind him I until he addressed it. I commend this guy for addressing this and not …

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An Abrupt Interruption

  I know that we live in a world where we have freedom of choice. In 2008 I was asked to have an abortion because the individual did not have the patience for another child(although there were 4 pregnancies after but not by me). I agreed to proceed with aborting my baby which would have been 9 years old not …

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