Blogalicious Five Day One Recap

I have had a series of events, conferences and shows since my last post and I am just getting around to doing my recap. So let’s get to it! This was my first time attending Blogalicious. I found out about it from conducting a search in attempts to find classes to take on blogging. If you know me then you will understand that I am a perfectionist and I absolutely love knowledge. Let me tell you this conference is everything. Many times when people think or speak of bloggers you are often given the side-eye because the way some “famous bloggers” conduct themselves but this pool of bloggers that I had the pleasure of meeting, interacting with and learning from was composed of some the most intelligent business women and men that I have ever met in my life.

Day 1

I had the pleasure of meeting many bloggers and motivational speakers. I learned the seven deadly sins of blogging along with how to distinguish myself apart from others. I also learned 10 steps to narrowcasting and insightful tips on how to keep my followers engaged.  One of the panelist insisted that as a blogger it is important to implement a daily routines. The routines are as follows:

1. Start slow, 10 minutes per day.

2. On day One find new people to engage

3. Day Two engage with some of those people

4. Then set a goal of 5 new engagements per week at first

5. Work your way to 5 new engagements per day


Day 1 was filled with many more tips and information that will help all of us bloggers take our business to the next level.


Blogalicious  Blogalicious Blogalicious


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