On yesterday I attended an event with a distinguished member of society. This was the first of this type that I was attending with the group of movers and shakers that were apart of my party. I have definitely had my fair share of amazing events, dinners, celebrity gathering, client events and media gatherings. As we arrived to the destination in the back of my mind it was simply another event that included cocktail or after 5 attire, champagne, hors d’oeuvres, candid conversations, small talk, exchanging of business cards and of course a three-four course meal. As we made our way to our floor it still didn’t phase me because at this point these events and venues all start to be very similar.   

The moment that my feet stepped off of the elevator I had a different feeling. A feeling that I belonged here at this very moment with this caliber of guest. It’s hard to explain because its not like I don’t believe that I can’t rub shoulders with the best of the best and most elite. It was a spiritual feeling. It was God giving me a glimpse into what is to come.  This is the type of life that God desires for me to have. I had a brief moment with God as I walked up to the table to check in. I wasn’t there to be apart of the wild media circus fighting for a picture, nor was I there to cater beautiful pictures for a feature on my website but I was there as “Turkesha McIvy” aka “The Olivia Pope of Social Media”. I was there on behalf of God, McIvy Media and my client. God is so amazing. The things that he has been revealing to me this week have set my soul on fire for him more than ever.

The past months have been filled with God either speaking directly to me, showing me open visions & dreams and speaking through a Prophet reaffirming his words that he previous spoke over my life. Life happens and circumstances occur that throw us off course but we must stay the course and follow Gods word. I can honest admit that there has been a few things that I know God told me to do or a time when he’s said Daughter its time to move and I chose to over extend my stay. Basically I wore out my welcome.  


There was a point during the evening that I happened to turn around and gasp the view. The city was literally on my back. It was at that moment that God reminded me what he had spoken over my life through the Prophet and in less than two weeks there I was on there on what was a few floors from the top floor with the entire city of Atlanta on my back. That exact moment was a prophetic notion that I have faithfully walked into my NEXT. The first snap that I captured was a smaller view which represents the glimpse that he gave me about my future but the image captured above is the FULL VIEW. Whew! GOD your SERVANT is READY. I didn’t realize how prophetic these pictures were until this very moment writing this post on a whim. LORD I just THANK YOU. This NEXT Chapter is going to be BLOW MY MIND and allow me to help many. LORD HAVE YOUR WAY NOT TURKESHA’S!