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Positive Vibes: Celebrating Life

Hey Darlings! It’s Friday which means It’s The Weekend Baby! My goal is to write a weekly journal or two in my diary section sharing aspects of my life beyond images on social media. I promise that I’m going to try my hardest to update my Diary series every Friday so why not start with a good gesture by adding one right now! Like this very minute! Let’s Celebrate Life!

Let’s talk about celebrating life with positive people, entrepreneurs, business men and women. You now basically aligning yourself with people who are all grinding for a common goal =SUCCESS! On last night I had the opportunity to celebrate one of my spiritual brothers Jordan’s Birthday. No it wasn’t a room filled with thousands of nay sayers or envious people but a very intimate Birthday Dinner with what I would consider Elite, Successful Young Entrepreneurs. It’s rare that I get out with genuine people who don’t have motives behind their actions. As the evening began I took a moment to observe my surrounding and what I saw was a group of Intelligent, Beauty African-American Multi-Millionaires talking, laughing, checking their cells for important business emails, snap chatting and just CELEBRATING LIFE!

"BQE Restaurant" "Lounge" "Naturalbabydol" "ATLANTA" "Food" "Celebrate" "Life" "Naturalbabydol"


We gathered at BQE Restaurant located here in Atlanta which just so happens to be a great spot. This was my very first time there and will definitely not be my last. The vibe was great, the crowd was popping and there was an aroma of POSITIVE VIBES lingering through the air. Did I mention that they have karaoke, light bites, sips and delicious entrees. I’ve had my fair share of visiting establishments in Atlanta but honestly BQE has the BEST VIBE! It’s the weekend and if you just happen to be in the Atlanta area I encourage you to get out and CELEBRATE LIFE! 

"BQE Restaurant" "Lounge" "Naturalbabydol" "ATLANTA" "Food" "Celebrate" "Life" "Naturalbabydol"

As we age we start to see life differently and take on a host of responsibilities we many times forget how to celebrate life. I urge everyone reading this post to CELEBRATE LIFE as much as you can!