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Do You Have A Mom’s Syllabus for Balance?

Mom’s Syllabus for Balance

As a mom we all need balance in our life. As a mother of three active young men its imperative for me to find balance between the hustle and bustle of the balance of mom and work. When I worked in Corporate America I had a very hard time with balance. I can recall when balance was not apart of my vocabulary but once I found myself as a SAHM I thought that I would have an even balance which was not always the case. Today I share some amazing tips complimentary from Coca-Cola.

The school year is in full swing, which means you’re back to the daily family grind. In my home that means extra laundry, packing lunch, PTO Meetings, Robotics after school and then finally getting everyone off to bed. The best part is that I get to sleep, wake up and repeat the process over and over again! While we as mothers work to balance everyone’s schedules including our own, we often find ourselves losing sight of our personal balance and adding extra calories in the process. Coca-Cola has partnered with fitness expert Ramona Braganza to create Mom’s Syllabus for Balance During the School Year, with fun, simple tips, including:

  • Working cardio into your carpool (hint – don’t always look for the closest parking spot!)
  • Burning calories while standing in line at the grocery store (or anywhere!)
  • Enjoying your favorite foods and drinks in moderation (because you know avoiding your faves don’t work!)
  • I have implement yoga into my regimen along with Ramona’s tips!

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