My First Year Blogging

My First Year of Blogging…The Good, Bad & Good!


Hello Dolls & Dudes!

October 11, 2014 marked my one year anniversary in the blogging world. Whew! Who knew that it would be such an amazing experience. Where do I start? I have learned so much in the last twelve months. Trust me the media life is not one for the weak and undetermined. Blogging is work! In fact its a lot of work, research, dedication and the drive to stand on your own two feet and not anyone else’s. “The Bloggers Life” as many of us Bloggers refer to may look simple and easy to many but its hard work, that is if you have a goal in mind for where you want to take your brand.
I have often heard many bloggers say that you must be in the game of blogging for a decade of years to get campaigns and work with major brands but I have found that if your genuine, honest about your numbers and can speak to what you can offer their brand then trust me many brands will work with you. I came from position as an International Social Media & Brand Manager so the transition was fairly easy coming from an industry that often times looked for Bloggers and Influencers to work with us to add exposure to our brand. I believe the key is honesty. The truth is many of us are not the mega bloggers but are very comfortable with our niche and believe in our individual brands.

Mean Girls
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This past year I have met some of the most wonderful people and learned a wealth of knowledge from them. I have made new friends and lost some new friends. The thing that always stays in my mind is that “There is enough money for all of us to make” that is if you desire too. Along with making friends I have also acquired a few that absolutely can not stand my guts. Why? Because some individuals feel like their the leader and you must be apart of their flock. Umm! Hell NO! I was naturally born a Leader and will always remain one until the day that I die and if your reading this and get upset them perhaps this pertains to you. See during my first year I also learned that there is a such thing as Blogger Bullies. Yep! You heard me right. They are like the mean girls.  See they are a cliché and yes you can be apart of their circle for a moment and then in a moments breathe your their enemy. Let me break it down more. The leader will oust you and her cult following will follow. In fact its worst than High School LOL! Yep! I encounter this ish and all I could do was shake my head. I said all of that to say if Blogging or any other field is where you desire to be by NO MEANS to you allow anyone and I mean anyone to deter you from your dreams.

Always Follow Your Dreams

Then there are the go-getters that have the same desire, drive and determination that you possess and you all work together because as adults you understand that you all are not in competition with one another. You all attend some of the same events but for different reasons. You’re not all racing to beat one another for the same campaigns because many times you all have different niches and what is good for one is not good for another. I know this sounds like a movie that you have watched on television and guess what its a real reality show without the big paychecks rolling in, without the camera crew and without the world watching you on their television screen. The fact is this is reality! My reality and perhaps yours. So as you can see blogging has pros and cons.

My past year has been wonderful all in all. I had opportunities to meet countless celebrities that I once as a child, teenager and adult watched on television or in a concert and said that one day I would like to meet them. The media life has been so good to me, in fact this platform allowed me to break out of a once shelter capsule that I lived in for the past few years.  I use to go to work, spend time with my kids, pay bills and repeat the same thing over and over again. I have worked with some the most amazing brands and many campaigns, started my own social media company and presently work with one of the greatest event planners. I am grateful for God blessing me with an amazing first year and I know that my next year will bring bigger and better opportunities in my life. I thank everyone who has supported me along the way and those who haven’t because they only pushed me to continue to strive for Excellence. In the words of my Father “WE NEVER GIVE UP, WE GIVE IN”.

We Never Give Up, We Give In


  1. Congrats on your success! Blogging has been nothing but a blessing for me and my family! I am so glad, that I did this!! Glad we met!

    1. Thanks Bernetta! I’m looking forward to 2015!

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