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Double The Trouble With The 2016 Mazda6 Grand Touring

The Mazda6 Take You From Luxury To Fast & The Furious

** I received this vehicle to conduct an auto review. All opinions in this post are my own.**

The moment that the 2016 Mazda6 was delivered to my home it was love at first sight. The Soul Red color was indeed a winner. You know every teenage girls dream was to drive a shiny candy apple red fast car. Yep years later this little girl at heart still clings on to that childhood fantasy. The Soul Red in my opinion is actually prettier than a candy apple red plus when the sunlight hits it just right…BOOM! You get that candy apple red look.

I have to stop and compliment DriveShop because each and every time I receive a vehicle for review I love how every single gadget, device and how you should handle the vehicle is carefully explained with patience and I always walk away feeling educated.

The Mazda6 lives a double life, hence why the title of this review states ” Double The Trouble” but really it’s “Twice The Pleasure”. I have owned a few cars in my day but nothing beats a luxury vehicle. I currently own a luxury SUV and nothing beats the extras. The Mazda6 was very similar to what I drive and the extras are in deed a plus. For instance who ever thought to put a joystick in front of the console was a pure genius. The joystick prevents the driver from getting distracted changing the channel or making a call. The vehicle has a touch screen for maneuvering the stations, answering the phone (once you sync), navigation system, etc. The joystick is definitely a major safety plus item. (Thumbs Up Mazda).

"Mazda6" "Mazda"

As a mother this is a major plus for me because many times we all get distracted trying to multitask and having this amazing feature definitely is a huge win. The other safety highlight which is also a luxury is having the Active Driving Display. This vehicle allows you to see how close you are to a vehicle, GPS Navigation (turn by turn), gas levels amongst other items.

"Mazda6" "Mazda"

The room inside the car was perfect even for a mother like myself with sons ages 19, 12 & 8. My oldest refused to be in a picture this time. He is over six feet and the leg room was perfect, in fact many times the seat has to be adjusted but in the Mazda6 there was no need for adjustments. Billy surely enjoyed his back seat rides and had no excuses.

"Mazda6" "Mazda"

Remember when I said Double The Trouble? We’ll guess what? The Mazda6 doubles as a fast car. Although I didn’t actually test this feature I was told that many race car enthusiast absolutely love this vehicle. My younger kids are all fans of the Fast & Furious Franchise and as soon as they say the vehicle that what instantly came out of their mouths. Plus this baby can double as a manual car as well! You heard me right! Let’s take at the Engine Feature:

  • SKYACTIV-G 2.5L DOHC 4-CYL Engine

Did I mention that the car has I-ELOOP REGENERATE ENGINE BRAKING SYSTEM? In case you’re not familiar with the I-ELOOP here’s how it works: Most vehicles us kinetic energy to heat, regenerative brakes actually recover the energy and store it. The energy is used to provide the vehicle with an extra boost during acceleration and with the regenerative brakes you get better fuel per mile. This is definitely an added feature that you would want in your vehicle. I only used less than half of tank of gas and the added acceleration was amazing.

"Mazda6" "Mazda"


In case you’re wondering about the trunk space its on point. I took this baby to Sam’s Wholesale to purchase my monthly bulk items for the kids returning to school and I was not disappointed. I was able to fit everything inside that I can in my own SUV truck.

"Mazda6" "Mazda"

After driving this beauty all around town to a host of events, countless PTO meeting, to and from afterschool activities needless to say that the Mazda6 is definitely an ideal car for a mother, father, college graduate, race car enthusiast and even a grandfather that wants to feel young again.


** I received this vehicle to conduct an auto review. All opinions in this post are my own.**




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