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Hey Love Muffins! I’m excited to share an amazing book, #Futureboards that I received as pre-release review copy. The author of #Futureboards is Sarah Centrella. I love books and Lord knows that I have read thousands of books but I never heard of Sarah. Honestly I was pissed that I didn’t have any friends tell me about her before I read her latest book.

I have experienced with visions boards before over the past years and sometimes I’ve manifested things from them and sometimes I haven’t. The last two years I wasn’t very adamant about doing a vision board because a lot of times I would create them and find myself going back to it sometimes and but not as often as I did when I first started creating them. It wasn’t until I started reading #Futureboards that I decided to give vision boards another chance. My go to was a vision journal. I found that writing them out allowed me to release and speak them into the atmosphere as I write. 


Everyone has heard of a vision board but a #FutureBoard take the idea of a vision board one step further. It’s literally a true visual representation of things and places that you desire for your future life. The book walks you through a host of steps and when you correctly utilize the book. From the moment that I picked this book up to read it has been one of the best tools for my life. It’s imperative that you commit to following her steps. Trust me! It only works if your willing to put in the work. This book is a great tool to help anyone who is open to learning and ready to turn their dreams into a reality.

#FutureBoards explains how to identify and create your ideal future with intention, and shows you step-by-step how to create a fabulous board worthy of your wildest dreams and so you can use it to upgrade your entire life.

The book is separated into three parts:

  1. Before – Build the Dream Before You Build the Board
  2. During – Making Your #FutureBoard
  3. After – You’ve Made Your #FutureBoard, Now What?

Let’s start with Build the Dream Before You Build the Board. Sarah starts out by asking you to trust her process and be willing to complete the homework. Faith without works is dead. Trust me DO THE HOMEWORK! Throughout this process I learned so much about myself. You will fall into two categories: Dreamer or Thinker. I fell into the DREAMER category. I naturally dream and work towards bringing them to fruition. The book also helps you work through eliminating things that block you. Having an open mind and longing for something different will take you a long way with this book. 

In part two, Making Your #FutureBoards thats in two phrases. This section guides you through how to select the right pictures and how to create boards for your five core categories. In this area of the book you will be guided on how to use Pinterest, collecting data, manifesting things desired and how to create a physical board.

The final part, You’ve Made Your #FutureBoard, Now What? In this section you will learn how to become obsessed with your dreams, how to proactively speed up the manifesting process, how to turn on your hustle and how to be patient while waiting for manifestations and opportunities to arrive. 

Get ready to make the life you’re dreaming about a reality with your very own #FutureBoard!


Author Sarah Centrella is a master life coach and manifesting expert. She is the author of self-help book HustleBelieveReceive, and a contributor to Mindvalley, Elite Daily, and Huffington Post. Sarah regularly delivers key note speeches and leads workshops, including her popular Master Vision Board Class for clients such as Pinterest, Nike, BMW, Xerox, Morgan Stanley, and the NBA Wives Association. She is a national spokesperson for the American Red Cross and has been featured on ABC News, The Steve Harvey ShowThe New York Times, OK! Magazine, The Portland OregonianYahoo NewsGood Morning America, and many others.