So a thing happened to me on last year. While I was out crossing off things on my bucket list I met a King. I’m sure that you’ve probably heard people say that they met a King or a Queen but did they really? That all depends on what your inner spirit tells you about the individual. Here’s what happened to me. I was sitting towards the door in a huge room waiting on my next set of instructions when spiritually I felt a type of connection on a different level. Let me start by saying OMG! He was fine! A little light which isn’t normally my type but the aura that creeped over my way was unbearable. In my 43 years I have never ever had that happen. 


We still hadn’t had any conversation with one another. Hell I doubt that he had even noticed me. We’ll I didn’t ask him at the time. Finally the moment that I had been waiting for arose. I received my next set of instructions and to my surprise the setting that we were both apart faithfully had us up close and personal with one another. We both spoke and introduced ourselves and like magic it was an instant connection on my end. I later found that he was vibing me as well. The connection wasn’t physically nor sexual. It was one on a spiritual and intellectual level. Hey to know me is to know that I find Intellectual men sexy as hell and if you add a spiritually awoke man honey thats my cup of tea. Keep in mind at this time we had very little conversation with one another.

Fast Forward…..

We end up working together on a secret mission (we’ll discuss that later) and during the long hours that were ahead of us we had an opportunity to just talk and get to know one another a little better. Hey you would be surprised what an amazing conversation you can have with someone of the opposite sex when you cut down the walls, barriers and the two of you are just honest with one another with no judgement involved. This Kings conversation left me craving more and more.  

During our encounter as fate would have it we ended up partnered in one of our assignments. His smile would melt anyones heart yet light up a gloomy room. I love the fact that he’s so humble and modest when you bring it to his attention. You see its simply apart of how God created him. It comes to him naturally. It’s an electric shock to those who need a jumpstart. Factor in that he’s a total gentlemen and you can tell that he treats his mom like a Queen. You see it’s noticeable when a STRONG QUEEN has nurtured a KING’s through his life. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that his mom is very proud of him and his accomplishments. Wait! Did I mention that King is smart AH? Listen nerds love nerds! iSSA VIBE! It’s hard to explain but there is nothing like a handsome, educated and well traveled man! 

So I’m sure that your wondering what happened with the King or how does this story end. We’ll the King and I had many long intellectual conversations and text messages with one another. He’s definitely an amazing man and entrepreneur. We both understand and respect one another’s hustle. That’s key with any relationship and/or friendship. In our case its a very strong friendship with boundaries when it comes to communicating with one another. He travels internationally a lot but that doesn’t stop him from checking in as often as he can. I enjoy sending him encouraging and sweet messages when the mood hits me. Sometimes the best friendships and/or relationships are the ones where you both encourage one another and make yourself available at any cost when the other person needs to vent or share their wins. In my case God Bless me when he allowed our paths to cross and spirits to intwine spiritually for a moment on time. King you know who you are….Thank you for every moment, message and laughter that you instilled in my spirit.